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LM Digital Collections is the online repository for the Library of Michigan, the state library.  The materials here are a mix of born-digital documents captured from current websites, digitized content from the Library of Michigan's print collections, and collections of images and documents provided to us through collaborations with other Michigan organizations. The intent of this website is to gather information unique to the Michigan story. If you have materials that you would like to donate or add to this site, please see the information on our Digital Community page.

LM Digital's logo is inspired by the Petoskey stone, Michigan's state fossil and long-treasured as a natural Michigan souvenir.  Iconic to Michigan and found throughout the state from gravel pits to beaches, the Petoskey stone is the fossil of a once living Devonian Era coral from approximately 350 million years ago.  This collectible and unique stone is a tangible record of early forces that shaped the state of Michigan, correlating to LMDigital's purpose in connecting Michigan's past, present and future.

In order to provide for a variety of access points to the materials in this collection, we group materials by subject, collection and topic.  A subject is generally quite specific, e.g. Great Lakes, whereas a collection may include content on all Michigan lakes and rivers.  A topic will include one or more collections under a broad overarching theme such as Michigan waterways. For more information on how this site is organized, see our About page.