For insight into searching LMDigital, see the tips and links below. Library of Michigan staff are also happy to help you navigate the site, see our contact page to reach us by phone or email.

We encourage browsing of our unique collections - look for Browse this Collection buttons to facilitate this option.  In addition to the browse buttons, we also offer a selection of pre-generated search queries links  to popular items within that collection.  In addition, the Topics and Collections page provides links to curated content, which reduces the likelihood of overwhelming or irrelevant results.

A significant amount of content on LMDigital is primarily text-based and contains A LOT of searchable words that are duplicated across collections and individual records.  Words like 'Michigan', 'state' and 'department' can appear many times in nearly all publications, producing dozens, hundreds or even, thousands of search results.

The Advanced Search function offers better control in pinpointing the material(s) you seek, while reducing the number of irrelevant results by enabling you to select specific collections and to build a more complex search query on selected fields. Successful search strategies will combine multiple search terms or contain uncommon or unique words and phrases.

Take advantage of these features to narrow your search results

  • Select a specific collection
  • Identify a specific field to search
  • Search multiple terms and use the search parameter options
  • Filter by date

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