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The Library of Michigan is responsible for collecting and preserving published and public state government information.  Governing Michigan is a storehouse of documents providing insight into the many facets of state government and its effect on the citizens of Michigan. 

In addition to the general Michigan Government Information collection, Governing Michigan encompasses several individual collections designed to highlight and provide specific access to known research interests within state government and to the general public. Descriptions of the individual collections and links to popular titles appear on each collection landing page.

Legislative Branch

The Michigan Legislature was established in 1837 and is generally responsible for lawmaking, but carries out many other functions, including levying taxes, appropriating funds for the administration of state government, selective oversight of the executive branch and submitting proposed amendments to the Michigan Constitution.

Executive Branch

The functions, powers and duties of the executive branch of Michigan come from Article V of the 1963 Constitution.  Under the leadership and authority of the office of the governor, the Constitution provides for the organization of up to 20 departments charged with administrative authority to create rules, regulations and policy specific to their defined role in state government.

Judicial Branch

Michigan's judicial branch is composed of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals,a circuit court system, and other courts of limited jurisdiction.  Oversight and management of the state's court system including information and data tracking, continuing education for judges and court staff, dispute resolution, indigent services, rule and policy-making are handled through the State Court Administrative Office and other judicial agencies.

New Titles

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Frequently Requested Titles

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