Governing Michigan

Symbols representing the three branches of government

The Library of Michigan is responsible for collecting and preserving published and public state government information.  Governing Michigan is a storehouse of documents providing insight into the many facets of state government and its effect on the citizens of Michigan. 

Current Topics in State Government - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and it's effect on Michigan is raising many issues related to state law and governance.  The documents linked below provide insight into the questions being asked in every branch of state government.

Legislative Histories

Michigan Election Law, PA116, 1954 - An act to reorganize, consolidate, and add to the election laws.

Michigan Emergency Management Act, PA390, 1976 - An act to provide protection and recovery from natural and man-made disaster within this state.

Emergency Powers of Governor, PA302, 1945 - An act authorizing the governor to proclaim a state of emergency, and to prescribe the powers and duties of the governor with respect thereto.

Executive Orders

By Governor (Not all administrations represented)

Orders implementing expenditure reductions under provisions of Article V, section 20 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963


EO1970-17     EO1971-3     EO1971-6     EO1974-10    EO 1975-11       EO 1975-12 



EO1991-17    EO1992-7     EO1992-8    EO1992-10     EO1992-13     EO1993-6


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