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The topics and collections on this site are organized to highlight common themes and aspects of life in Michigan.  

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Library catalog cabinet with open drawer and book

This card catalog represents the last vestige of early library organizational systems prior to modern computerized technology took hold in the late 1970's.

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TOPICS are broad categories of information and include multiple collections of a narrower focus. Governing Michigan, which includes primary and secondary materials published by all three branches of state government is an example of a topic on this site. 

A Capitol Idea

Michigan's state capitol buildings (Did you know there have been three?) have served as the center of state government since 1824.  Check out the materials here that provide a visual and written history of these iconic buildings. 

Governing Michigan

The Library of Michigan is required by law to collect and provide perpetual access to published state government information.  These collections contain authoritative legal resources, government reports, statistical data, guidelines and handbooks and other documents designed to provide transparency and enhance the connection between government and citizen. Also included here are select regional, local and tribal government resources. 

Michigan Local

View unique photographs and documents from local Michigan libraries and cultural organizations around the state.

Explore Collections

COLLECTIONS are narrower divisions of information that can stand alone or be grouped under a more inclusive topic. A description and links to popular titles appear on each collection page.

  • Content-specific collections are designed to provide access to known research interests within state government and to Michigan researchers.
  • Collections are also used to showcase materials contributed by LMDigital partners and collaborators such as the Historical Society of Greater Lansing's project, Pave the Way : the I-496 Project.